About Us

Our Story

Bingli is on a mission to redefine healthcare using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Our vision is to make healthcare more patient-centric, efficient, and accessible on a global scale. 

Transforming Healthcare with Empathy
In a world grappling with a critical shortage of healthcare professionals, limited access to care, and unsustainable healthcare systems, Bingli stands as a beacon of hope. We exist to confront these challenges with a renewed sense of empathy and human connection.

AI for optimize healthcare

At Bingli, we bridge the gap between medical expertise and technological innovation. Our multidisciplinary team leverages AI to create a healthcare platform that empowers healthcare providers to deliver compassionate, efficient, and reliable care. 

Our values

The world's healthcare landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, and we have a compelling reason to exist:

  • Shortage of Healthcare Workers: Bingli responds to this crisis by enhancing healthcare providers' capabilities and supporting them with AI-driven tools that increase productivity.
  • Limited Access to Healthcare: Shockingly, half of the global population lacks access to basic healthcare. Bingli strives to change this by making healthcare more accessible through AI-driven solutions that connect patients with empathetic care providers.
  • Unsustainable Healthcare Systems: In various healthcare systems worldwide, significant cost savings could be realized annually through the provision of more comprehensive and efficient care.. Bingli's mission is to make healthcare more efficient and cost-effective, allowing resources to be allocated where they matter most - patient care.

  • Empathy in Healthcare: Our AI-driven solutions are designed to augment healthcare providers' abilities, allowing them to spend more quality time with patients. By alleviating administrative burdens and streamlining processes, we enable healthcare professionals to focus on what truly matters - compassionate care.
  • Increasing Productivity: Bingli's AI tools are tailored to enhance healthcare providers' productivity, ensuring that they can deliver high-quality care to more patients. Our goal is to empower healthcare professionals to achieve better outcomes without burnout.

Our qualified team

Bingli is led by a highly talented and experienced interdisciplinary team, integrating medical, AI, software development, and business expertise. Our founders have >20-year experience in healthcare consultancy and communication.
Tom Van De putte

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer 

piet-website (1)-1
Piet Van de Steen, MD
Co-Founder & Chief Medical Innovation Officer

Bianca Mattheus

Chief Financial Officer

Timothy Barclay, MD
Data Scientist, Medical AI specialist

Jolien Nelissen, MD

Medical Project Lead

Lawrence Offeciers
Content & Communication Specialist
Francis Rousseau
Full Stack Developer

Dan Padmore
Back-End Developer

Salim Oliviers
Back-End Developer

julia website
Julia Wolff
Internal Sales

Kaat website
Kaat Maes

Medical Sales Representative

Beatrice Schembri

Junior Back-end Developer

Senne Van Den Bogaert

Front-end Developer & UX