Bingli in the press



Bingli in the press

Catch a glimpse of Bingli's latest milestones, partnerships and industry contributions through our official press releases, where innovation meets impact.

Bingli x Doctena (4)-1

Doctena and Bingli: the most flexible booking system and the smartest medical interview, now together!
24 August, 2023

Doctors using Bingli can now use Doctena's flexible bookingsystem ensuring patients can easily schedule their visit.


EpiCURA hospital uses artificial intelligence for ENT consultations
23 August, 2023

Hospital group EpiCURA has won a grant from Digital Wallonia to collaborate with Bingli on the development of an intelligent, adaptable medical questionnaire for ENT consultations by the end of 2023.


Artificial intelligence a threat? Doctors think very differently: "Huge potential"
18 June, 2023

Artificial intelligence is not only a threat, it can also save lives. Already today, sleuthing for dormant tumors and impending heart attacks is done faster and more accurately by computers recognizing suspicious patterns in data from thousands of patients.