Bingli and care navigation

  • Care navigation is a healthcare process designed to guide patients through the complex and often fragmented healthcare system.
  • The goal of care navigation is to improve patient outcomes, enhance the patient experience, and optimize healthcare resource utilization.
  • Bingli simplifies the referral process between healthcare providers. We ensure that your referrals are efficient and timely, helping you get the specialized care you require.

By asking the right questions we help patients get the right care by the right caregiver at the right time

Bingli x Doctena (4)

One of our partnerships
Bingli x Doctena integration

  • Doctena is a platform dedicated to helping patients find doctors and schedule their next medical visit. Doctena has operations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

  • Enhanced doctor-patient experience through combining Bingli’s medical interview and Doctena’s booking system.
  • More focused and efficient care by connecting the right patient with the right appointment slot.
  • Leading to an improved patient experience altogether.