Bingli for patients

Bingli empowers patients by involving them in their care journey.

  • Patients write down all symptoms and any concerns, resulting in a collaborative and patient-centered approach
  • The provided data helps healthcare providers understand their patients better and enables them to have informed discussions
  • They can answer questions at home, without any time pressure and in their own language.

How it works

step 1-1-1

1. Choose the reason for your visit

Are you sick, do you have an injury, do you need a renewed prescription?

step 2 (1)-1

2. Describe your health problem

Based on your description of your complaint, Bingli will ask a number of relevant questions, to help the doctor gather accurate information.

step 3 (1)-1

3.  Go to your doctor better prepared

Because you had the time to answer these questions in your own language, you leave for your appointment better prepared.